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Why counseling? Why spend the money and invest the time? Well honestly the data shows us that the amount of people suffering from mental and emotional difficulties is rising. 615 million people worldwide are currently suffering from some form or anxiety or depression. 1 in 4 people will encounter at least one mental health problem or disorder. The stressful economic and political environments do not contribute to alleviating these concerns. Generally speaking however, emotional and mental health concerns can arise for a variety of reasons including biology, addiction, trauma, or significant changes in relationships or environments.

Our counseling services are second to none. With our highly trained and credentialed professionals we will help you work through any variety of difficult emotions and behavioral concerns. If you want a safe place to be listened to and understood, to gain insight into emotional and behavioral barriers to success, or just need help improving your sense of worth and connection we would love to work with you.

  • Work with experienced and credentialed professionals.

  • Be listened to and understood.

  • Improve sense of worth and build healthy connections.

  • Increase social and emotional intelligence.

  • Identify your stress points.

  • Lead you to deep insight into existing emotional and behavioral barriers.

  • Empower you to take responsibility and make necessary changes.

  • Own your story, seeing the whole of your life as relevant and significant.


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Arrowhead Advising was just what I needed to help me transition into post-college adult life. The counseling I received equipped me with a means of navigating, without displacing me from the role of navigator. They assisted, but never controlled and that is what I found to be the most helpful.
— Taylor