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Life Coaching 


People ask us all the time, “What is the difference between counseling and life coaching?” This is a relevant question since they are more like ‘step-siblings’ to each other. At Arrowhead Advising, our trained counselors are also experienced coaches who will not only help you work through any difficult emotions or behaviors, but can also help you design your life for enhanced quality with sustained vocational and social impact in mind.

Many people seek out life coaching for reasons that include feeling stuck or lost, feeling brokenhearted from a change in a relationship, feeling too comfortable, and unhappy in life. Some even want to do coaching when they are feeling their best and more open to making changes in their lives. We can advise you on how to configure your life in a way that helps you leave your unique imprint on your community and world.

  • Get the attention you need to grow in life, work, and business.

  • Be connected to experts with loads of experience.

  • Identify what makes you a quality individual and brand.

  • Design your life.

  • Achieve your goals.

  • Increase sense of worth, belonging, and connection.

  • Improve social and emotional awareness.

  • Understand and map your global impact potential.

  • Provoke originality, imagination, and ingenuity.


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Without Branden’s encouragement and support I’m certain I would still have been struggling with anxiety and depression. I’ve gotten to a place of managing these challenges and pursuing God’s plan with more ambition than ever before. I highly recommend Arrowhead Advising to anyone. They will help you do more than just survive your way through life — they will help you thrive.
— James