Our Vision is Bigger Than Us

Photo by  Jacek Dylag  on  Unsplash .

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash.

As a consultant, counselor, and coach, I know how important vision is to our lives and our organizations. In fact, everyday I help people think about their objectives, their dreams, their timelines, and their next steps. Everyday, I help people craft a vision for their future. 

But you can’t help others see where they’re going without knowing where you’re headed yourself. At Arrowhead, we take seriously the process of visioning, and that’s why I wanted to take a moment to share about our values, our dreams, and our future. 

Our goal is to impact the world positively, and our vision for achieving this is by equipping individuals and organizations. We want to transform individual’s lives so that those individuals can then transform their communities for the good. 

What does it look like to impact the world positively? We seek a world where justice, love, understanding, and righteousness reign. Where racial tensions are replaced by real cross-ethnic connection. Where child homelessness is decimated by loving adoptive families. Where isolated millennials lead out in building connections among all generations and socio-economic groups. We seek a world where people are seen and have equal opportunity to better their lives and the lives of those around them. We all experience pain and loss, but we are all capable, beautifully ordinary, and worthy of being loved fiercely. 

These objectives are grand and challenging, and I don’t believe humanity alone can achieve them. In fact, our only hope for a world free of suffering and pain is a world ruled by someone who has never contributed to the brokenness of our world. For me, according to my faith, that person is Jesus. For me, he is the model for this vision and the last best hope to actually achieve it. 

We play but small roles in making this world a better place. But when enough people play these small roles, we actually can impact things. Our vision of transforming our communities and our world relies on a team of impacters and activists who will stay the course of this vision, especially in the face of adversity. 

Our vision for transformation through equipped individuals weaves through all of Arrowhead’s services: our consulting work often involves the building of consensus and community among disparate threads of society, our business coaching aims to empower companies to create a marketplace where fairness and justice hold court alongside efficiency and success, and our personal life coaching and counseling helps individuals seek the sort of personal transformation that makes them more impactful in their communities.  

Clients often come to us feeling stuck in their job, or their life, or a relationship. They show up treading water, carrying darkness, pain, numbness, frustration, and uncertainty. We work with them, empowering them to own their story, to grow in vulnerability and leadership, to step out of their comfort zones and become leaders of people and movements. I’ve had the honor of working with so many individuals who I’ve seen take on new identities: leaders with high potential, difference makers, healed healers, ambassadors for righteousness and goodness, and warriors against darkness.

We do the same with organizations. They come in broken, less effective than they want to be, or just needing some guidance to reach that next level. We work with them, investing, analyzing, pushing, pulling, doing whatever we can to equip the leaders and the staff of a business or non-profit to rise higher. 

Our dream is to create an army of these transformed people and organizations. In three years, Arrowhead has grown a lot. We have several new coaches, new service areas, and lots of current and former clients who are part of this bigger vision for world impact. I don’t write this post because I’m just trying to develop business for Arrowhead Advising. Sure, we want to bring in clients because we’ve committed to this as a line of work. But we’ve committed to this work because it’s more than just a job, it’s a meaningful and life-changing project, for the individuals who receive coaching and consulting and for the coaches and consultants themselves. 

That’s why I ask for your help. We’re always looking to coach, counsel, and consult for new individuals and organizations. Do you know someone who has the potential to be a world-changer? Someone who needs some facilitation, some nudging, some digging and building to help them reach their potential? 

Let me know. Let us know. Because this vision is bigger than a company or a business strategy. This vision is for our communities and our world.

Branden S. Polk