Jared, Owner of His grooming in Washington, DC

“I just want to thank Branden for all that he and his Arrowhead Advising team have done for me.

When I first started with Arrowhead Advising, I was going through my worst nightmare--exposed was a very weak-minded individual with a victim mentality. But I have consistently met with Branden for over a year now, and I can say without a doubt that I know who I am--not just that I am. I'm aware of my every mistake and shortcoming and I take full responsibility for each.

Conversely, I'm aware of all of my hidden potential that makes me amazing and empowers me to be fully capable of having whatever it is I desire to have in this life. My relationship with Christ is deeper, more meaningful, and full of the proper balance of God's sovereignty and man's responsibility.

Do yourself a favor. Schedule an appointment with Arrowhead advising.”

Anthony Birch

“My heart was beating fast, my breath was short and I was pacing around a room minutes before I talked to my coach for the first time.

Dealing with my anxiety had become unbearable. I felt that I was white-knuckling my way through each day. I felt trapped in my own mind. I felt that if anyone actually knew what I was dealing with, they would think I was, at very best, crazy and, at the very worst, unlovable.

Then, I met my coach, and before he could even get a couple minutes in, I unloaded a flood of feelings (and tears) that I had been trying to work through myself and just couldn't.

Now, it's a year and a half later, and instead of dreading this time of emotional vulnerability, I actually look forward to talking to my coach!

My anxiety hasn't left, although it is a little more dull than acute. I've heard people describe it as a kind of thing that flares up at times and is less at other times. That's accurate for me, too. It'll rear it's head at different times (usually when it's trying to protect me from ever "messing up" or when it's trying to help me perform for any given situation).

But now, instead of me feeling like I lack the tools necessary to deal with my anxiety, I feel ready. I reflect on all the hard work my coach and I have put in together and I think about the truth that God has revealed to me during our times together.

I remember that I am fully known by God. I am fully loved by God. There is nothing missing in me. I am lacking nothing. Just as I am, I can rest in God's love for me.

On top of learning insights that help me manage my anxiety, I have found, with the helpful prodding of my coach, that this pain is actually the point where I can learn the most and make the biggest difference in the world around me.

Anxiety still means some pain for me. But, with the help of my coach, now it means more.

My pain has become a helpful reminder of God's love for me.

My anxiety is now where my curiosity to learn more about God and others around me is sparked.

What I've gone through has become the place I look when I want to develop my values for how I want to live going forward.

What I perceived to be the worst time of my life became where I started dreaming for my future.

I went to a life coach to get "fixed." But now with the help of my life coach, I realize that nothing needed to be fixed. I am loved by God as I am, and He can use me as I am.
I can't wait to see what He has planned for me.”


Jake Hammack.jpg

Jacob Hammack

“I was lost and stuck in the abyss of life. I was probably in the worst shape of my life in all areas, fearful to pursue anything that involved risk.

But once I started to get my health back together, I had the motivation to make a change. I knew that my life had more potential than just being in a chronic season of waiting. I contacted Arrowhead Advising and after my discovery call with TJ, I knew it would be a good fit.

Coaching with Arrowhead lit a passion inside of me to pursue the things that seemed uncertain. They also helped me address issues that I wasn’t even aware of that got me out of the rut.

Now, I am starting a clothing line, helping others get healthier, and creating a personal brand. If you had asked me a year ago about all of that, I would have thought you were crazy! I highly recommend Arrowhead Advising if you need some guidance and an outside perspective into your next season of life. I am forever grateful for what they do.”