Who We Are 


Have you ever been walking on the beach or in the woods and found a triangular, pointy object? You feel that the little artifact is special, believing it was crafted decades, perhaps hundreds of years ago. As you press forward perhaps you find a few more, similar but also unique.

What are they? From ancient times until now, we know them as Arrowheads. Forged in many shapes and sizes, they are made for distinct purposes. Each one holds its own compelling story and experience. We believe that every person, community, and organization is just like one of those Arrowheads, conceived with distinctiveness, potential for greatness, and the hope of becoming all that they were intended to be.

Whether you are a person looking for healing of the soul and help designing your life, a business wanting to improve workplace culture, or an organization vested in changing the world for the common good, Arrowhead Advising takes a multi-disciplined approach at helping you become your most present, passionate, and powerful self. How do we do this? First by recognizing that difficult emotional experiences and relationships can dull your sharpness, making it challenging to live your most accomplished personal and professional life. Next, we assume that those challenging circumstances do not have to hold you back, but instead can be used to hone your skills, helping you to achieve success for the common good, all while living a whole and abundant life.  

At Arrowhead Advising, we walk with you through this process of sharpening. We help you understand who you are, why you were made, and how best to hit your envisioned targets. We recognize that you are one of many arrows being successfully and strategically released to greatly impact the world, and we give you the tools to do just that.

If the idea of this excites you, reach out. We offer life coaching, counseling, and consulting to help you achieve this level of impact. Arrowhead Advising is based in Washington, D.C., but all of our coaching and counseling is over the phone, so our coaches can talk to you anywhere, according to your schedule.


Branden S. Polk, MSW, LGSW
CEO & Founder, Arrowhead Advising